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"Gavin and the Cadent Sourcing team have found some great people to join the Strong Roots Gang, and made my life a lot easier while they did it! By putting a big effort into really understanding our company and culture, as well as the needs for each role, they’re able to very effectively identify the closest matching candidates. They maintain really high standards and its clear that the candidates have completed a thorough shortlisting conversation that gets them excited about the opportunity. I really appreciate how proactive Gavin is about providing updates, even when the team are juggling several hires for me. It goes without saying that the pricing model also makes huge financial sense compared to the usual model in the industry."

Strong Roots

"AquaChem engaged with Gavin in Cadent Sourcing to help recruit a position we were struggling to fill in the field. Gavin was very clear in his communication prior to the search about how they would evaluate the candidates. During the process it was seamless, and I found the conversion with Gavin very honest and reassuring. In the past we had used recruitment companies and had mixed feelings after the process. Cadent Sourcing is more than finding you a candidate short term. Gavin had a short list within a week, and we had hired after two weeks of interviews.  The shortlist was exactly what we were hoping for and more. We engaged with Cadent to help us with three other positions that came up during the year and each time we were blown away with the quality of the shortlists. It was very difficult to choose one candidate for each position. We are grateful to have found Gavin and Imelda to be our partners for recruitment, it makes the process very relaxed now for Aquachem".

Barry Higgins
Technical Director

At CET Connect Ltd, we were struggling to attract the right candidate profile for our ongoing and future projects. We had carried out some direct recruitment and also worked with a number of the high profile on line agencies, all with mixed success. Gavin approached us directly and we were immediately taken with his professionalism. Gavin ensured to take the time to understand our business requirements and more importantly, to better define our candidate profile. We agreed a short time frame with which to commit to the services of Cadent Sourcing as our hiring requirements can be quite sporadic. During this time, Gavin worked tirelessly on our requirements and we were really pleased to see a stronger and more suitable candidate pool emerging. We made a number of successful hires during that period. We had envisaged that we would not need the services of Cadent Souring again until perhaps mid to late quarter one 2020. However, as is the norm for our business, we found ourselves very quickly back in a hiring phase and are delighted to reengage the services of Gavin and Cadent Sourcing

Therese Kennedy
HR Director



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